From Fran Lewis

“Author Allen Malnak really brings to light the Holocaust, the events and the history behind it so that we never forget. Max Bloomberg had an untimely and mysterious death that will not go unnoticed or forgotten. A home invasion started off a chain of events that would rock the world of Dr. Bruce Starkman, Max’s nephew as he learns of the death of his uncle. Max, a Holocaust survivor tells you the story and relates the events at the start of each chapter in his very own words from his journal. Do you hear the agony and pain in his voice, the loud screams of the others and the fear in his heart? An ending so riveting you will stay glued to the printed page and pray for both Bruce and Miriam. Can a doctor who took an oath to heal and cure those in need turn murderer and be able to stop when so many want to continue? What happens will bring chills down the reader’s spine and fear in your heart that what Hitler started has not yet ended.”

—Fran Lewis, Author and Radio Show Host

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