From Jodi Webb, Words by Webb

This book is, in a word, eerie. From page one I felt as if I should be looking over my shoulder, watching for the mysterious force that led to Max’s death. Although Bruce and his uncle had a close relationship it quickly becomes obvious that Bruce is out of his element hunting for a murderer and a motive. He knows the post-1945 Max and Max’s death and the puzzle Bruce is forced to solve are all tied up with Max’s pre-1945 life, a life he never shared with Bruce.

Author Allen Malnak effectively keeps the reader as off balance as Bruce is as he searches for the reason for Max’s death. I quickly accepted the belief that every person in Bruce’s life, no matter how helpful, was suspicious. Were they really who they said? What were their hidden motives? Did they hold some important key to the puzzle? Even the most helpful of characters filled me with foreboding as I waited for them to show their true colors! The tension had me so anxious I couldn’t turn the pages quickly enough!

I don’t know if the secret Nazi plan that the book hinges on is real or just a figment of Malnak’s imagination. But either way, he used it to create a fabulous book you’ll be eager to share with friends.

— Jodi Webb, Words by Webb

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