From Novelist Jerry Ahern

“Future generations have serious responsibilities, chief among these not to repeat past mistakes. Sadly, these days, there are still those who, out of ignorance or foul intentions, somehow revere the scourge that was National Socialism. That’s why, it’s good for the rest of us to get reminded from time to time, at least, how truly despicable the Nazis were.

A novel just out by Allen Malnak, entitled HITLER’S SILVER BOX, is a pulse-pounding mystery thriller, part of which takes place during World War II and part of which happens in the present. The action – and there’s plenty – revolves around a ‘gift’ for Adolph Hitler himself, fabricated under extreme duress by a concentration camp prisoner, the box created from recovered dental silver. ‘They didn’t give me silver, they gave me people. The silver had been in their mouths. And, some were children…just children.’

In the present, Neo-Nazi killers must find the box at all costs, its contents what might bring about a Fourth Reich. Dr. Malnak, a board certified internist, weaves a well-crafted, frighteningly believable thriller into which his protagonist, Dr. Bruce Starkman, is inexorably drawn. HITLER’S SILVER BOX is a great read. And, by the way, you’ll find the firearms handling in the novel is quite accurate, something that is always refreshing to the gun knowledgeable.”

—novelist Jerry Ahern for Gun World Magazine February 2012 Edition

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