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Hitler’s Silver Box is chilling. The thought of elaborate Nazi plans still existing, along with hidden bunkers and weapons that could be placed into the hands of extremists even more so. Mr. Malnak has written a novel that speaks not only to those whose families were affected by the Holocaust. It is significant to our post-911 society as a whole. It’s written very realistically, with the characters showing their humanity and vulnerability. And their counterparts show cunning and brutality.

Dr. Bruce Starkman is shocked when he’s told about his Uncle Max’s death. He is even more bewildered when he is cremated, going against the edicts of the Orthodox Jewish faith. He discovers a journal his uncle wrote recently, telling him the story of the silver box that he was forced to make in a concentration camp. He doesn’t know what to believe when his ex-girlfriend is abducted right in front of him and a man claiming to be a member of the Jewish Defense League helps him rescue her. The man’s story doesn’t feel right to him and when his ex goes missing and then turns up dead, he starts to realize how deep he’s in.

He joins up with Miriam Horowitz, an Israeli woman whose grandfather was in the same concentration camp as Bruce’s uncle. Together they race against the neo-Nazis who want the silver box and it’s contents more than either of them can imagine. There were a few scenes (and characters) in this book that could have been superfluous if they hadn’t have given you insight into the personality of the main characters. For the most part, though, it was a most enjoyable read that keeps you turning pages.

I highly recommend it if you’re a fan of thrillers. I can even see this book being optioned for a movie. It would be easily adapted to the big screen.

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