From Bob Spear, Heartland Reviews

“This thriller goes beyond keeping readers up late at night. It will affect their dreams as it did mine. A young Jewish apprentice silversmith at the Theresienstadt death camp is selected to craft a special birthday gift for Hitler–a beautiful, swastika adorned silver box which will house the plans for the Fourth Reich in case Germany loses WWII. The plans, written by Hitler’s top advisors, provide all the information and access to the funds for secret staging areas from which to take over the world at some point in the future. The young apprentice is given the teeth containing amalgam fillings from Jews killed in the gas ovens as his source of silver for the project. Should he take on the commission, thereby extending his life and making it a little more comfortable for himself and his friends?

The story then fast forwards in time to when the young silversmith is now an old man. NeoNazis somehow track him down and torture him for information about the silver box’s whereabouts so they can obtain its contents for their own nefarious purposes. The old man dies under the stress, so the evil group focuses their attention on his nephew, a young medical doctor. They hope he may have the information they need. What follows rips him from his chosen career path and has a deadly impact on several of his friends. People around him are killed and he is hounded onto a journey to Europe to find the silver box’s hiding place. He finds unexpected help along the way from a beautiful but extremely independent Israeli lady. Their goal is to find the box and keep its contents out of the hands of those who would use them to take over the world.

The author, also a medical doctor, works his knowledge into the story’s details to make it credible and fascinating. Also interesting is his knowledge of Judaica and how its details affect both the Nazis and the good guys. We rated this exciting thriller four hearts.”

—Heartland Reviews: Bob Spear, Publisher, Chief Reviewer

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